Director, International School of Amsterdam

Wonderfully engaging speaker and a smart presenter who knows how to charm and entice the audience into the palms of (his) hands...


Director of Marketing Solutions, IBM

His commitment to the lifelong goal...causes the audience to reflect on their own commitment to achieving personal and professional goals...and he offers practical advice we can all use to stay committed to, and to achieving personal and professional goals.


Vice President of Development, California Science Center

We have received many glowing comments about your talk; in fact, “the best ever” was heard more than once. You captured the audiences’ attention and imaginations, and made the entire presentation feel like an intimate conversation. 


Astonishing lessons in grit, determination and success! Hands down, the “best” talk I’ve attended. Ever.
— Richard Gamblin, THINK 2018 attendee
Incredibly powerful and inspirational talk.
— Tomas K., LinkedIn Customer Success Manager
Incredible, thought provoking...
— Executive at European Council of Independent Schools
...(his) availability and willingness to mingle with the audience before and after the session touched many people, inspiring them….an inspiration to us all in our everyday jobs.
— Juan D., European Space Agency
Made me believe I could do anything if I want to and try hard enough.
— Young adult, Geneva
It touched my heart when I saw how hard he tried (to become an astronaut).
— Young adult, Geneva
Mr. Smith, as a presenter, has that special quality which appeals to both young and old.
— Glyn J., Member European Council of Independent Schools
He was just amazing. His talk was interesting, captivating, and inspiring.
— Sue A., European educator
Such and amazing and inspirational speech…….
— Irmak G., LinkedIn
The best ever and most valuable learning………absolutely loved it.
— European educator
I hope some day my dream will come true too. I’m sure that if I am as determined and committed, it will.
— Young adult, Geneva